Social Media Marketing That Stops The ScrollAnd wins you die-hard fans

You might be dreaming of going viral, gaining a bazillion followers or landing THAT influencer with a super troop of fans. But what do you really want? ?

Vanity metrics or steady growth that actually brings your business results?

Likes don’t equal cashola
Followers don’t equal poops given
And influencer marketing only works when underpinned with strategy

Successful social media marketing relies upon consistently showing up with purpose-driven messaging created specifically for your target peeps.

With me at your side, you will finally

Stop losing hours scrolling, comparing and feeling blue about your biz
Show up and get noticed in your target audience’s feed
Have relevant content ideas spilling out of your seams
Master crafting compelling captions that convert
Know what to do when the algorithms throw you curve balls

Whether you want some hand-holding to learn how to do it yourself, or to hand it over to a specialist and have it all done for you, I can help you.

I cannot recommend Christi enough.

Her support with my Social Media content and her ability to help me organise and plan my content, create engaging posts and take the pressure off at busy times is

Her knowledge of, and contacts with the Pet Industry are extensive and this is in itself is totally priceless. To top it off, Christi is friendly, approachable, and has endless smiles to get you
through any situation.

Working with Christi and having her support has been a game changer for me. 10/10, 5 stars all the way.

Sarah Mills

Albie's Boutique

Stop the scrolland let’s make an impact together

pet business Social Media Management

Social Media Management from £400 per month

My social media management packages are bespoke to you, your business and your goals.

We begin by evaluating what you want to achieve, which forms the foundation for me to develop your social media strategy.

Your strategy is outcome-focused. I design a social media plan to optimise your platforms, posts, and engagement activities driven by the results you want to achieve.

Your tailor-made package can include

Content pillars that align with your goals
Captions written for you, crafted to convert
Key metrics monitored for you, so we can test and adapt according to results
Reels done for you, so you can skip the timesuck of making them!
Engagement so you’re building strong relationships with your target clients
Branded graphics for scroll stopping content that’s on-brand
Competitions to increase your reach and win new followers
Influencer marketing to supercharge your visibility and gain new fans
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I worked with Christi for 6 months, and in that time she really helped grow my account. I’m so pleased I found her and knew I could trust her to create relevant content for my business.

Christie knows about dogs and understands what content to create that people want to engage with. I’ve recommended her to other pet professionals who have told me she’s doing a great job for them too!

Karen Rhodes

Luxury Dog Hampers

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Social MediaCompetitions

Competitions on social media are a brilliant way to collaborate, gain new fans and increase your reach. But they’re a full-on undertaking that you might like to hand over to a specialist!

From finding the right businesses to collaborate with to managing entries and getting eyes on your offer, I can do it all for you.

Gain the right followers, partners and visibility to make your next competition a meaningful success.

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Pet InfluencerMarketing

79% of people say that user-generated content on social media significantly impacts their purchasing decisions. (Stackla)

Dog influencers can have a dramatic impact on your social media marketing success.

These partnerships take time to cultivate, and having a solid partnership linked to deliverables is vital to their payoff.

If you’re ready to partner up and collaborate with an influencer to grow your reach, visibility and sales, then I’d be delighted to take the reigns and manage this for you.

Social Media is definitely not my strength, to say the least !!

Over the past 12 months Christi has taken the headache and stress away from me, and as long as the team and I provide the material that is needed, I can get on with doing the bits of Everything But The Dog that I am good at, which is a far better use of my time.

Andrea Milner

Everything But The Dog

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Ready to grab the attention of your target peepsand convert them into die-hard fans?