Meet The Go-To Social Media Manager for the Pet IndustryTransform your visibility, grow your brand & get back your time

What would it feel like to have a social media manager who is creative, adaptable and your biggest business cheerleader?

If spending time on social media makes you want to stick pins in your eyes, or you’re losing hours upon hours trying to figure out how to make it work for your biz and getting nowhere fast, you need some help!

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Well, hello!I’m Christi, the go-to Social Media Manager for Pet Professionals.

I’d love to help you transform your social media marketing so you can spend less time stressing about it and more time revelling in the results.

I work with brilliant pet businesses just like yours and help you achieve long term growth, visibility and a strong customer base.

As an experienced social media manager with ten years in social media marketing under my belt, I am ready and waiting to help you grow your business and watch it thrive.

Post with purpose and watch the magic happenI’m all about focusing on data.

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If you’re using Instagram or Facebook for your business, then the insights behind your content are a goldmine of information.

Working with me isn’t about how many posts we can push out into the social media either. It’s about posting with strategy and purpose so that time spent yields real-life results.

The very first thing we’ll do together is figure out your goals. What are the outcomes you’re seeking from your social media marketing?

We will then reverse engineer a social media strategy founded on your business, your desired outcomes and your audience.

There are no cookie-cutter solutions here! Every business is unique, and that’s why you need a custom plan that’s created just for you.

schnauzer dog on sofa

The StatsWhy social media marketing matters!

90% of people on Instagram follow a business.

83% of people use Instagram to discover new products and services, and 87% said they took a specific action, like making a purchase, after seeing product information.

There’s a huge market of users on social media just waiting to discover you.

If you want to get eyeballs on your biz, put your stake in the market place and stop letting your competition take the lead, then you need to get serious about social media marketing.

What doessocial media management cost?

The price of my social media packages varies depending on the level of service you need. I offer both done for you social media management and social media consultancy to help you grow your very own social media skills.

Visit my services pages below to discover what my social media management and consultancy packages cost. Your social media marketing can help you to

grow your brand presence

establish authority in your sector

keep you front of mind with your target audience
boost visits to your website
make more sales

Posting on Instagram and choosing hashtags leaves me wanting to stick pins in my eyes, so it’s really great that I have Christi to do it all for me!

She’s super flexible when I have an emergency post and sends me ideas of things that could help me and the feed.

Christi has steadily grown my Instagram visibility and connected me to the right people, and I have a lovely flow of enquiries through it now, something I never had when I was DIYing it.

IF she has a space in her very booked up schedule, you’d be crazy not to jump right in there.

Thank you Christi, you social media superstar you!

Rosie Robinson

Pet Business Website Designer, WUF design